Hygiene videos, also known as 'Help' videos, are created and tailored for the specific interests of the target consumer.  These videos tend to be found through relevant searches, keywords or referrals from the Hero video, and will 'pull' in your interested audience.

For companies who define the Hub as the 'home' of content, Hygiene videos are more broadly defined as the videos that surround and complement a Hero campaign, such as:

  • Behind the scenes
  • How-to series
  • Weekly/Monthly news
  • etc.

If you are defining Hub content as a type of video, Hygiene videos would entail content much more targeted towards your prime consumer.  These could include:

  • Product demos and tutorials
  • Research seminars
  • Technical explanations
  • etc.

Case Study | Red Bull

Although Hygiene content tends to be more bespoke and specific, it can still be engaging and interesting for a large audience.  In the case of Red Bull's Stratos Jump, this video presents the stats and scientific data recorded from the jump in an engaging video.