Within the video industry, there are two main definitions for the 'Hub', both of which relate to the 'Push' content.

Hub | Home

Think of the Hub as the home for your content.

The Hub is intended for:

  • Releasing (or 'pushing' out) regular content
  • Storing all Hero and Hygiene videos
  • Updating consumers on videos released (weekly releases, teasers, announcements, etc.)

The Hub could be a YouTube channel, blog, or any place where interested viewers can frequently visit.

Hub | content

Hub content is a style of video that follows up the Hero ad.  The videos are 'pushed' out to viewers on a regular basis.

Typically, Hub content would be:

  • Engaging
  • Entertaining
  • Regularly updated
  • Valuable

The Hub videos are intended to keep the audience returning and incentivise subscriptions, likes and follows.

Case Study | Red Bull

Examples of Red Bull’s hub videos are the behind the scenes/training videos filmed in the lead up to the official Project Stratos jump.

Red Bull's YouTube Channel is home to all of their content.  It is the landing page where viewers are directed after watching the Project Stratos Hero advert.